Elijah ST. Louis

So.. Today's the BIG DAY

So, Today's the big day.  With all the problems with the economy and the $750 Billion Bailout, I considered cancelling my appearance TONIGHT at midnight (FRIDAY) on THE CLICK LIST on LOGO.  Then I had another shot of whiskey and knew the right thing to do would start my own campaign "LET ROCK N ROLL SAVE THE WORLD".  It's a great idea really and besides that I'm so excited I could pee my pants (and not on purpose either).  Tonight they will air the TOP 10 requested videos and mine will be one of them.  It's hard to believe really, growing up watching MTV and music videos I always hoped at least I'd have one.  I didn't even care if anybody really saw it, I just wanted a video.. WEll, Bob "BRUTUS BEAR" Cunningham made that possible for me so big thanks to that woofy bear.  I also know Woofer and lots of other bears have come to my aid and help promote this and without all the help in the BEAR COMMUNITY I would not be getting played. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, cause I can not even describe my feelings right now.  BIG BEAR HUGS, ELijah
Elijah ST. Louis

Back in Black.. it's good to be back

Well for the first time since NOV '07 I can honestly say "I'm Back".. back to doing local shows and lookin forward to them.  I've been juggling with all the touring and recording I've done and trying to do local shows so those went on the back burner.  Thanks to the great bears in Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Wichita and more, I kinda shunned off local shows since I've been playing locally since 1989.  Problem is, rehearsing helps and is necessary (especially for me, I'm not a natural by any means) but nothing makes me a better musician than playing gigs, that's it, bottom line...  so I'm back to doing what I love, playing motorcycle ride-ins with big str8 biker daddys.. yeah the eye candy's nice, but I've felt good doing these shows, my voice, my guitar playing and selling my CD locally has sure made me glad to be back.  I've been workin on updating my set lists too with some new songs, so I went back to the beginning again.. learned some great blues and ofcourse added some new Beatles songs to my set after watching "Across The Universe".. Hey if you get a chance, I did an interview with this nice man named Louis from SanFrancisco, here's the link!  I figured if I put it on my live journal I won't forget it.  Hey if you guys get in my neighborhood of Ohio, look me up I maybe doing a local show.  As always, BIG BEAR HUGS and THANKS!  http://www.bearotic.com/2008/07/23/elijah-black-delivers-hard-rock-passion/

Elijah ST. Louis

Hey, this is hard

 Well I'm a very lucky man.  As I get older I realize one of my most favorite characteristics is my optimistic attitude.  I guess it's one of those things, you either are, or you aren't.  It's the lineage of "finding a sliver cloud", or making the best of what you  have.  Usually, I love my outlook on things, I think it  propels me toward the lighter side of life.  However, this weekend, my optimism caught up with me. WOOFER and his ST. Louis (Missouri) Bear Club, The Show Me Bears were having their MR. HEARTLAND BEAR 2008 Contest.  I was asked to be a judge and was very flattered.  The 4 judges met Friday night to discuss questions and good ways to really get to know the contestants, what to look for etc.  I guess I'm like the Paula Abdul of the judging world, I thought all of them were awesome contestants and actually would have been great winners. HOWEVER, you gotta pick one.. there can only be one.. but who's the one???  Matt, director bear, won the contest and will  represent the heartland bears very well.  I thought being a judge would be easy, but I realized how dedicated these bears were and they told us as judges some pretty remarkable things.  This bear contest raised alot of money to send kids with HIV to camp and I am so glad I got to be a part of the event.  THANKS big time to the contestants (you guys made it hard in more ways than one..LOL), thanks to Woofer-Matt and THE SHOW ME BEARS, CLUB JJ and the other judges who took it very seriously.  MOSTLY, thanks to the bear, and gay community and everybody who came and watched the contest, watched the performances, donated and helped raise $4,000 for these kids. 

Recording Session #1

 Smile for me Show me everything that you are
Cause if you smile for me, make me feel like a star
You awaken me, I'm loving everything that you are
The sun it shines for me so I can always see where you are

Cause I met you and everything changed
Take my messed up life, cause it's time to re-arrange
I swear I'll never look back again Without you With me
I'm only half a man, and that smile it pulls me through

So baby cry to me I'll be there when you fall
I got alot of room for you, Right now I got an empty heart
U enlighten me baby right down to my soul
And when you gave me yours Now I know why I was born
Elijah ST. Louis

I am still F#$%^'n Amazed

Okay, so it's the DAY AFTER.  That word conjures up all sorts of memories and thoughts for everybody.  For me, it's bitter sweet, yes there is nothing like being in your own bed.  Yes there is nothing like taking a dump and  having some privacy.  Yes there is nothing like eating, drinking or peeing when you want.  And OFCOURSE there is nothing like getting back to my home, watching my own shows and listening to my favorite music.  But I'll be honest, there was nothing in my life that will ever compare to being part of Bears on the Run (part 1 I'd like to tease ya about part 2, however my little brother Shannon will fill you in on that in the upcoming months I'm sure, including location).  
Right now I am sitting in my office and wish I was gettin woke up by dad (usually before the time he promised he'd wake us up) getting ready to move on to the next town after just a few hours of sleep.  I wish I was in the van smelling everybody's ripe aroma that occurs naturally to big bears after a good night's slumber.  I wish I was at a club trying to work out sound problems that occured when I would tie into the club's sound system.  I wish I was shopping at a gas station for munchies because we weren't sure if we were gonna have enough time to eat lunch or dinner.  I wish I was with all my brothers huddled around Bobaloo's computer watching the craziest, funniest youtube videos (yes even the gross ones he would pull up where men would insert bottles and even feet... well you can fill the blanks in here I'm just starting to get the vomit taste out of my mouth.. LOL).  I wish I could get that feeling I had seeing reviews and videos posted on youtube about BOTR, standing in complete amazement that concert comers would post without us even knowing it.  I am amazed that two woofy bears in ST.Louis would invite us to their home and make us the most wonderful meal we had in weeks.  And I am amazed by the honor it was to perform with the most talented men I know (and trust me I know tons, I've opened up for Motley Crue, STyx, Ratt, Jackyll, Cinderella and more) and these guys brought it out every night.  But nothing amazed me more than the joy I had singing for everybody that attended.  I am amazed at just how motivated I am to get a new album done, so by the spring tour, I'll have my disc finished with some of the new songs I wrote for this tour, yup including Better Man (Sammy's Song)- sorry to everyone I made cry with this one. Peace, Love and Big Bear Hugs, Elijah

Elijah ST. Louis

Chicago rocked balls!

WOW what  a great crowd Chicago was, the bears showed up in full force ready to have a great time.  Some friends from Seattle (Tony and Gary) changed their flight to stay for the concert and we sure were glad they did. I think the best thing about Chicago is  how alive that city is. Halloween night was absolutely outstanding, gave us a chance to forget about being on tour and just take in the great scenery. Shannon and I got a little lost on the way home on the train system and were out till 4:am.. but ya know what we needed it, just to lose ourselves for a while. THANKS to Bears Like Us too for the instore promotion on Halloween night, it was fun.  St. Louis, here we come,t hanks to WOOFBearSTL for all the promotion you are doing, can't wait to meet you.
Elijah ST. Louis

Bears on The Run

This is my first entry, I sure am lovin being a part of Bears On The Run. Bobaloo, Shannon, Kendall and Matthew are incredible men.  Josh on violin has really enriched my set.  It blows me away the videos that people are posting, everyday I'm seeing new things. YOu guys absolutely rock and I'm so excited about the rest of the tour.....